1. How do I remove Foxtab page from my browser's home page?
    To reset your homepage, go to your browser settings:

    • In Internet Explorer- Go to Tools and then click Internet Options. On General tab, click Restore to Default.
    • In Firefox , click the orange "Firefox" button on the top left then click Options. On General tab, click Restore to Default.
    • In Firefox 3.6.x- Go to Tools, click Options. On General tab, click to select your default homepage setting.
    • In Chrome- click on the Wrench icon (top of browser), go to "Settings", then on "Appearance" section check the "Show Home button" option, click on "Change" and select "Use the New Tab page".
    • In Opera- go to Preferences(Menu->Settings->Preferences Or Ctrl+F12), go to "Search" tab->Select "Foxtab" ->Delete->Ok


  2. How do I remove Foxtab from newly opened tabs on my browser?

    • Internet Explorer 8-9 - Go to Tools -> Internet options -> general -> tabs settings, and set the "when a new tab is opened, open" drop down, and choose "The new tab page"
    • Internet Explorer 7- to remove Foxtab from new tabs, the program has to be uninstalled completely. Please refer to the first item in this FAQ.
    • Firefox- Go to Tools -> addons, click Options, then select Advanced and uncheck the first option "Use Foxtab as enhanced search for new tab".
    • Chrome- Go to Tools -> Settings -> Extensions-> Click the trash bin icon next to the "New Tab" extension.


  3.  How do I remove foxtab from my browser's default search?
    (this is the search located on top right in Explorer/Firefox and in the address bar of Chrome.)
    In Explorer:
    1. Go to Tools->Internet Options->on "Search" section click on "Settings"->select "Live search" or "Google" or "Bing" and click on "Set Default".
    2. Select " foxtab" and click on "Remove"->Click "Ok"->Click "Close.In Firefox:
    Click on the icon on the left side of the search boxClick on “manage search settings”Choose foxtab and then click “Remove”

    In Chrome- Open "Chrome"->go to Options menu->Settings->On the "Search" section choose "Google" on the drop down menu.

    In Opera- Open "Opera",go to Preferences(Menu->Settings->Preferences Or Ctrl+F12),go to "Search" tab->Select "foxtab" ->Delete->Ok

  4. How do I remove foxtab search from my address bar on Firefox?
    1. Type "about:config" into the address bar and click "Enter".
    2. Click the "I’ll be careful, I promise!" button.
    3. Type "browser.search.defaultenginename" into the search box that appears.
    4. Right-click on the "browser.search.defaultenginename" entry and click modify".
    5. Enter the name of the search engine you would like to search from the address bar with, or click "Reset" to use the default firefox search engine (google)